Sunday, April 7, 2019

Wilson-Raybould rejects criticisms she may have helped Conservatives win the next election

So quoth the current headline on National Newswatch.

She rejects criticism because St. Jody is above criticism.  She is perfect and everything is someone else's fault.  Narcissist much?

Meanwhile on Progressive Bloggers, the Conservative Party's mole (how about we call this person the Underminer?) has a post up gushing over how Opie looked very Prime Ministerial this afternoon.  Was this more or less Prime Ministerial when he stood with Faith Goldy.  Or when he stood with the Yellow Vest mob?  Or when he wouldn't acknowledge that the victims in Christ church were Muslim until he was forced to. 

Don't know how much the Underminer is getting paid by the Cons but it can't possibly be enough.

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brawnfire said...

I tried to Recommend this Post, but for me, it comes up Page 404 Not found.

Not sure why?
(I don't Facebook and I don't Tweet. But I DO Recommend.)

Anonymous said...

Yes ... the Underminer. Too funny!
"Prime Ministerial" my big behind!! He clearly has forgotten Andy's role in elevating racists across Canada.
I have come to loathe this deceiver for his role in being an important catalyst in the whole affair.
How much he was involved, who knows? We know that Con media is his life-blood. They were all well paid under the Harper regime, but that dried up when Junior stopped spending billions of taxpayer dollars on propaganda ads.
When JWR jumps to the other side and he starts heaping praise on her for doing so, we can all be a little more convinced that it was a well 'oiled' plan to sink the Liberals.
Have a 'Koch' and a smile.