Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Little Stephen Harper on the Big Stage

I couldn't change the channel quickly enough so I heard a segment on Stephen Harper on As It Happens.  I suppose there are those that would laud Mr Harper being interviewed about his recent book.  There are others who would point out he was on Fox.

What galled the most, was his claim that Marxism only survived in Academia.  His statement would have carried a lot more weight if he was able to cite some sort of factual backup.  Isn't he supposed to be some sort of intellectual policy wonk?  Without backup, his claim of Universities being a refuge for Marxist elite-ists carries as much weight as the statements of a (hopefully) soon to be ex-US President.

We suffered under his governance void of intellectual rigour.  He hasn't learned anything in 3 years, has he?Recommend this Post

Friday, October 5, 2018

Kavanaugh's tirade to the US Senate Judiciary Committee - Because that is what bullies do

Wouldn't it have been better to try and mend fences?  Perhaps show some empathy? You know.  Show some judicial temperament?  Yes, of course that is what a person would do in normal times.

Instead we get the angry Wahvanaugh tantrum.  In which he exposes the very thinly covered partisan, mean and nasty person nominated by Trump.  Because that is what bullies do.

But that was part of the point.  The angry "conservatives" have had enough.  McConnells Flying Monkeys (the MFMs) are rubbing everyone's nose in the fact that they will make a mockery of the process and ram through their guy.  They aren't retreating from him because he is obviously a lying abusive blackout drunk unsuited for the USSC.  They are sticking with him because he is all of that and an extremely hate-filled partisan hack.  They are going to push this jerk onto the highest court in the once great republic.  Because that is what bullies do.

And he has shown the world exactly how he will adjudicate.  He will be on a crusade to destroy the advances made by the US since the 1950's.  He will help in the effort to bring back Jim Crow, rescind a womean's right to choose and a lot more.  He put all of that on full display.  And said: "Try and stop me.".  Because that is what bullies do.
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Monday, September 24, 2018

But Why Would Putin Choose Kavanaugh?

In my previous post, I proposed a, very speculative, theory that Putin had set the wheels in motion to nominate Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.  (As pointed out in the comments, Justice Kennedy's son worked for Alfa Bank (often implicated in money laundering schemes and overall Russian intrigue).).

All good fun, eh?

But if Putin was behind this nomination, why would he push for such a gigantic jerk?  Why would Republicans continue to push for Kavanaugh?  If this man is on the USSC, he will be a huge stain on the reputation of one of the main branch of the US government.

But whether you are a Russian tyrant or an Ayn Rand libertarian, you don't want the US government to work.  You want people to lose faith in their country's institutions.  There is no better person to accomplish this goal with regards the presidency than Trump.  And it would be nigh on impossible to find someone more capable of destroying faith in the USSC than Kavanaugh.

Probably baseless and foolish speculation but cui bono?Recommend this Post

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Is Putin about to add to his collection of Americans occupying high office?

Those wise in the ways of the Russian GRU (nee' KGB) regularly opine that Donald Trump is the exemplar of the person the GRU would target.  This exposure is due to Trump's known sexual misadventures and financial difficulties following his multiple bankruptcies.

Brett Kavanaugh, the nominee of the Manchurian President (or should that be the Siberian President?) to the US Supreme Court outdoes Trump when it comes to fracture seams Putin could lever open.  He had debts that were mysteriously paid off just before his confirmation hearing.  As for sexual misadventures, as of today, he has one actual accusation of attempted rape come out of his closet and several murmurings of more.  He has a history of alcohol abuse.  And an apparent gambling addiction.

It would be hard to think of someone who could tick more of Vlad's boxes.  Which brings a question to mind.  Trump made a big deal during the election of  a list from which he would draw Supreme Court nominees.  Kavanaugh wasn't on this list.  Much is made of Kavanaugh's strange view that the US President is above the law and that this is the primary reason for his nomination.  Didn't the Kennedy resignation and the Kavanaugh nomination get started in motion after the Helsinki Summit?    Kavanaugh only has one vote and that is a pretty thin shield for Trump to stand behind.What if this nomination is Putin's play to get a seat on the US Supreme Court?

A couple of years ago this suggestion might seem out of left field.  Perhaps it will be today.  But the 2016 election should have taught us that the previously implausible might be the most likely

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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Well at least Lougheed's legacy is safe

Is this the kind of leadership a Kenny government will bring?
Alberta’s loyalty to Canada may be waning after the justice system dealt a blow to the province’s pipeline plans. At least that’s what Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, told CTV’s Don Martin on Power Play Wednesday.
The TMX court decision is disappointing and caused a construction delay.  But does a "leader" automatically opt for threats?  Particularly a past member of the government largely responsible for the NEB mess?

The negotiations during the NEP were tense and anger at Ottawa was very real.  But did Peter Lougheed ever threaten to leave or cut off the rest of Canada?  Not that I am aware of.Recommend this Post