Thursday, May 16, 2019

!Lament for my BlackBerry Passport!

!if this appears on Progressive Bloggers it is under protest!

With the upcoming demise of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, I finally bit the bullet and switched to an Android phone.  OMG I miss my Passport.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

!On reticent Harper cabinet members!

! This post appears on Progressive Bloggers under protest!

Even John Ibbitson admits the government,s hands are clean in the Norman case.

All it took was for one of Harper, Kennedy, O' Toole or MacKay to make a phone call and this would all have been over before it started.

Instead these “honourable“ men didn't make the call.  This allowed bottom feeders like The Undermined to sow innuendo about the behaviour of the PMO.  And the fine upstanding lawyer who got Gomeshi off implied there was witness coaching and other illegalities.  She knew of the exculpatory information in late 2018.  Why didn't this get revealed before mid 2019?

Surely preventing the suffering of an innocent man was at the forefront of their concerns.

Surely they didn't push the mute button in an attempt to gin up a pre-election embarrassment for the Liberals?

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Removal request has been resubmitted

I was on vacation for a week and hadn't posted since my request to be removed from ProgBlogs.  Now that I am back I published a new post this morning and noticed that it popped up on ProgBlogs. I expect this may seem like prevarication on my part.

I remain committed to not being associated with a political consultant using a progressive aggregator to promulgate transparent voter suppression techniques.  I do not want whatever few readers I have to think that I in any way support this.

Scott mentioned earlier this week that he was preoccupied over the last few weeks and I expect my request slipped through the cracks.  I have resubmitted my request.

Enjoy your Sunday.  I am off to shovel.  Both snow and some of our new Premier's BS.Recommend this Post

Top 10 Positive Outcomes of A Liberal re-election

In the Spirit of Late Night with David Letterman, the Top 10 reasons to see the Liberals re-elected.

10. A government guided by progressive principles can continue its work.  As imperfect as it may be, it is the best option we have.
9. The "But her emails" north non-scandal will be done.  As will the JWR and JP.  The whole matter will only be referred to when PoliSci profs want to add a bit of levity to their lectures.
8.  The budget will continue to move into surplus.
7. The Scheer Cons are a Big Lean-To Party based on appealing to homophobes, fundamentalists, racists and corporatists. 
6.  It will be another lesson for the Cons that Republican tactics don't work here.  They aren't very smart so they might have to learn this lesson a few more times.
5.  We won't have to remove our flags from our backpacks.
4.Andy Bot will have to resign.  And Harper Proxy Leader v. 1 will be done.
3.  Jason Kenney will assume the mantle as HPL v. 2 under the delusion that his one trick pony act of pitting Canadians against each other will work federally.
2. The defeat of HPL v. 2 by Trudeau in 2023 will flush the last vestige of Harperism down the drain.  Because like any other B-movie monster, it will arise, zombie-like, if we don't completely defeat it.

And the best outcome of a Trudeau victory in 2019: The Conservatives will do a post-mortem on hiring The Underminer as part of their election team and decide the Dandelion Group is a weed to be pulled from their dismal garden.  Having been previously rejected by the Liberals he will be branded as a loser and disappear from the scene.  That alone will be a great outcome.Recommend this Post

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

You are judged by the company you keep

I first discovered Progressive Bloggers during visits to Daily Kos during George W Bush's first term.  I noticed these interesting comments with a tag line referencing Prog Blogs as a progressive Canadian viewpoint. 

So I went there.  It was invigorating.  Impolitical and The Galloping Beaver were early favourites.  I started a blog, joined ProgBlogs and started typing.  It was a very cathartic way to survive the Harper years. 

My posting schedule became more erratic with time.  A divorce, job demands in an industry spiraling downwards and other priorities took precedence.  But I always clicked on the PB link to see what was up because I remained implacably opposed to the right wing insanity that was arising across the globe and the Canadian Contagion in particular.

I earlier expressed how having The Underminer on the blog roll was a contradiction to the stated goals of the website.  It is Scott Tribe's website and it is his right to allow the Underminer to continue to use his platform as a vehicle to elect a Conservative government.  But I choose to not be associated with a website that has a blog that advertises for Doug Ford, gushes over Andrew Scheer and continues to try and inflate the false scandal.

I have asked to be removed from the blog roll effective April 30.  I will continue to blog but will not be available through Prog Blogs.  There might be fewer visits but this has never been about clicks for me.

I would like to thank Scott for setting Prog Blogs up and allowing me to join the roster.  And any visitors to the website that paid me the courtesy of reading my posts.  It was fun while it lasted.Recommend this Post