Sunday, January 27, 2019

Why should Canada be immune?

I am just finishing up The Plot to Destroy Democracy by Malcolm Nance.  In addition to being a compendium of the evidence of Russian meddling into the 2016 United States election, this book catalogues the success of Russian efforts to infiltrate conservative movements throughout the western democracies.  The pattern consists of keying on veiled (and unveiled) claims white supremacy, evangelical religiosity, distrust of liberalism and hated of immigration to bring these groups into an orbit dominated by Vladimer Putin.

France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain.  It is a long list.  But no mention of Canada.  Both the Conservative Party of Canada and the People's Party of Canada have displayed the traits associated with Putin's fellow travellers.  Maxime Bernier's one degree of separation from organized crime should never be wholly discounted.

So why no mention of Canada?  Is that because our conservative parties are incorruptible?  Are we small potatoes to be scooped up when the bigger spuds have been julienned and deep fried?  Perhaps Putin, understanding our hockey superiority, knows the Bear always loses against Canada when it matters.

Or have the links been more well hidden?  I don't know the answer.  I have read vague warnings about the need for the protection of our elections from cyber-meddling.  But nothing more ominous about the parties and conservative groups themselves.  Perhaps the stories will soon come out.  I have no answers but, as with all other things, while Canada is a great country it is still affected by the goings on in the world at large.Recommend this Post

Monday, December 3, 2018

A talk that speaks for itself

I don't often wade into the pipeline debate because (horrors!) I proudly work in the Canadian oil and gas industry but this presentation is very much bringing to the attention of as many people as possible.Recommend this Post

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Prescient Pontypool

Pontypool changes foresaw everything.

I watched this indie Canadian movie a long time ago.  So long ago that I rented a DVD of it.  It was an enjoyable and well done take on the zombie genre.

I saw it advertized on the CBC app as a tie-in to Hallowe'en and thought I would watch it again.  It stood up well as a piece of entertainment.  But the message of English being infected by specific words and idioms which cause those affected to turn into zombies mindlessly attacking others is very much on the mark in 2018.Recommend this Post

Monday, October 29, 2018

Stop saying that P. M. Scheer would be like President Trump

Any rational thought process would illustrate that P. M. Scheer would be like President Pence.Recommend this Post

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Little Stephen Harper on the Big Stage

I couldn't change the channel quickly enough so I heard a segment on Stephen Harper on As It Happens.  I suppose there are those that would laud Mr Harper being interviewed about his recent book.  There are others who would point out he was on Fox.

What galled the most, was his claim that Marxism only survived in Academia.  His statement would have carried a lot more weight if he was able to cite some sort of factual backup.  Isn't he supposed to be some sort of intellectual policy wonk?  Without backup, his claim of Universities being a refuge for Marxist elite-ists carries as much weight as the statements of a (hopefully) soon to be ex-US President.

We suffered under his governance void of intellectual rigour.  He hasn't learned anything in 3 years, has he?Recommend this Post