Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harper is to Canada like a tequila binge is to you

Whither Canada?*  There have been a lot of posts and editorials of people despairing of the future of Canada recently. They aren't hard to find.  Here is one.  This C30 business will only exacerbate things.  While I share the disdain for Harper and his cretins and I do sink into despair at times, I realize the real Canada will rise again.  Tyrants often seem strongest right before their fall.  And there is a parallel in that one time you really over imbibe.

You know what I mean.  Normally you shut it down after a couple of drinks.  Every once in a while you slip a bit and have a couple of Margaritas (sort of like electing Mulroney).  Some embarrassing things might happen but nothing unforgivable.  The humbling you receive is actually good for you.

But there is that one time.  You don't quite know why but an evening that starts out normally enough goes off the rails and you find that you have almost finished an entire bottle of Mescal.  You know this won't end well.  But you keep going and finish the bottle.  You know it is the worst thing you can do but you do anyways.  You see yourself doing things you would never do when sober.  Normally you are polite.  Perhaps overly so.  But under this evil influence you act rude and uncouth.  You are profligate with your money.  You gross everyone out and everyone reconsiders their opinion of you.  You see yourself doing these unforgivable acts and you can't believe this is happening.

But the effects don't last forever. The next day you begin to sober up.  You have the worst hangover.  Ever.  And you swear that you will never drink that evil liquor again.  And you don't.  You make the rounds.  Make sincere apologies to those you insulted.  And you work all the harder to make amends and reinstate your good reputation.  And everyone forgives you.

That is what will happen.

Now you may say to yourself: "why CV, what a great metaphor.  I am ready to keep fighting the evilness of the Harper regime.  But where do the worms at the bottom of the bottle fit in?"

You diodn't think I would forget, Baird, Van Loan, Poliviere et al. did you?

*Fun tid bit: "Wither Canada" is the title of the first episode of Monty Python.Recommend this Post

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just take the phone lines away from the Harperians

While I was at home, preparing for Burns Night, I received an interesting couple of phone calls last week that I would like to relate.

Call number 1 was from a woman claiming to be calling on behalf of the Calgary Centre Conservative Association.  I told her there was no way the Conservative Party would ever see a penny from me.  I also pointed out that unless they were incredibly incompetent, the people who gave her the calling list should know that I reside deep in the heart of Calgary Southwest.   I told her that I wanted no part in whatever pushy poll type call process they were engaged in and hung up.

I soon after received call number 2 from a chap claiming to be calling on behalf of the Liberal Part of Canada and asking about my membership.  I informed him this was the second call from a political party that  evening and that I was uninterested in talking to either one and hung up again.

Thing is; the call from the "Liberal Party" was not to the phone number I used on my registration.  So I am very doubtful that this was a legitimate call.  An inference can be made that the first call led to the second call.  I am not overly surprised that their paranoia leads them to database those who object to the antics of the Harper regime.  But in the heart of the Party stronghold?  Are they that insecure.  Have they identified me as an Enemy Of The Party?

In any event, it was an interesting pattern.  Perhaps Conservatives would be more well adjusted if they stopped monkeying around with the Machiavellian stuff and put their energies into governing the country the way the people want.Recommend this Post