Monday, January 17, 2011

It takes a whole country to sew on a swastika

Dave at the Galloping Beaver had the post of 2011 so far. Maybe even all of last year too.

Why don't we just sew a swastika onto the flag now? Go ahead. Read it everyone else has. My only quibble is that the culprits aren't really the media. The fact that ~70% of the electorate remain implaccably opposed to Harper demonstrates that. We can't blame the brain dead Conservative supporters I live amongst here in C-Town.

It is the "Progressives" that oppose him. We are all divided against each other. Not united against Harper. The Liberals who resist fighting. The Dippers who think there is a chance Layton can make the break through and lead us to a socialst utopia. The Bloc supporters who vote for Duceppe to poke a stick in the ROC's eye. And no hope Greeners who think that by helping keep Harper in power they are working for a better environment.

The only way the banality of Harper's form of evil triumphs is if we let it. I could cite lots of examples from history but I think Brian does it best.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dr. Harper and Mr. Crybaby

I often vacillate between the opinion that Harper is an evil genius bent on installing a neo-conservative dystopia on our home and native land and that he is an incompetent hyper-sensitive mommy's boy. Probably he is a mixed up amalgam of the two. With a little neurotic religiosity thrown in.

This morning, however, Haroon Siddiqui has me leaning more towards the petulant and vindictive example of the Peter Principle in action.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Wherever could Palin and the Republicans have field tested the crosshairs map?

Sarah Palin is, rightfully, getting heaps of grief for the possible inspiration her crosshairs ad provided to the Arizona gunman.

If Palin's electability is finally shredded by this image:

Why did Harper's survive this?

Once againthe judgement of our media makes Colin Campbell look like King Solomon.
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