Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I would like to heap Mounds of praise on this post

Hear, hear Mr. of Sound.  I have nothing to add to this.Recommend this Post

Monday, September 21, 2015

Which party has the most growth potential (if strategic voting actually works)

Having a quick count through Strategic Voting's website, it is evident that the party with the most growth potential is the Liberal party.  A quick count, indicates that if people voted strategically, the Liberals could hope for 80 of the 128 seats up for grabs.  This growth potential has the potential to increase as more Canadians realize the danger in Mini-Harper and move away the NDP.Recommend this Post

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Canadians have a unique opportunity to save the world's economy

Every time Stephen Harper calls an election, the world's economy goes in the tank.  In the 2008 election, Stephen "Buying Opportunity" Harper didn't see the Great Recession coming but come it did.  In 2011, there were lots of troubles "lapping at our shores.  And during this election, the recession is due to factors external to Canada.  The correlation coefficient is 1.0.  He has a preternatural ability to cause world wide economic chaos.

The solution is clear.  Canadians must ensure he can never call another election by voting him out of office on October 19.  We have a duty to the world!Recommend this Post

Friday, September 18, 2015

Crosby gave Harper a dog whistle

And boy did Harper ever breathe deep and blow.

"Old Stock Canadian".  Did Harper, an experienced campaigner with incredible self control, let slip a glimpse of his bigoted soul with this slur?  Or was it another message to his base?

I believe it is the latter.  They are doubling down.  looking to energize their racist base and get them out to vote.  Despicable ?  Yes.  Predictable Yes?  Can  it be defeated?  Yes.  Progressives need to get out their vote.Recommend this Post

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rumours of Harper's Political Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

There has been a lot of speculation that Harper is whipped and has given up.  I don't think so and everyone who wants him out of power must keep their eye on the ball.  Consider Harper's reaction to the refugee crisis in the context of his campaign.  He doubles down on his politics of hate.

Describing Harper's emoting on the death of Alan Kurdi as crocodile's tears would be an affront to even the coldest bloded of crocodiles.  Haroon Siddiqui enumerates the ways Harper has persecuted refugees to curry favour with "The Base" (my emphasis in bold).
You are Stephen Harper. Your government spends years demonizing asylum seekers as “bogus refugees.” It denies them health care. It takes pride in detaining and deporting many of them.
In tandem with pandering to nativists, you cater to Islamophobes by conflating law-abiding Muslims with Muslim terrorists. Your Conservative Party runs a fundraising campaign based on the warfare waged by your government on a single niqab-wearing woman who’s keen on becoming a Canadian citizen but not on you telling her what to wear....
You fan fears of terrorism to justify yet another war in the Middle East. You build an election campaign not so much against the Liberal or New Democratic opposition as against “jihadists,” “jihadism,” “violent jihadism,” “jihadi terrorism,” “the international jihadist movement,” “jihadist monsters.”...
You try and emote sympathy, talking about little Alan Kurdi. You even sacrifice your well-guarded family privacy and bring wife Laureen and son Ben into the conversation. But you can’t go too far without upsetting the constituencies you have so systematically cultivated over the years...
Rescuing refugees “alone is not remotely a solution to this problem.” We must attack “the root cause of this problem” (by the way, didn't he set his attack puppies on Trudeau for saying we need to deal with "root causes" after the attack that drove him into a closet?) — “the jihadist movement,” “the violent campaign being led against millions of people by ISIS.”...
The government’s game of divide and conquer stands exposed, as do its excuses and obfuscations...
If he was going to go quietly into that good night, he wouldn't have hired this guy.
Mr. Crosby is a master of wedge politics – where parties exploit social issues such as crime or race or immigration to split public opinion in their favour...
Mr. Crosby has been accused of helping exploit fears over refugees to win elections – the Harper government has been taking a hardline stand on that very same topic, justifying its pace of acceptance by saying Ottawa must screen people from a “terrorist war zone” very carefully.
He isn't quitting.  This election is about to get very very nasty.  Harper is going to try to re-energize his base through their bigotry and strive to keep everyone else at home on October 19 by attacking the other parties, particularly the Liberals.  He is no master of strategy.  He only has one pony and he is going to ruthlessly ride it into battle.

In the Referendum battles, the Non side was referred to as the Rest of Canada.  Now ROC refers to the 70%+  that isn't narrow minded and fearful.  

The ROC must show no fear and stand firm in their desire to oust him and reclaim our country.Recommend this Post

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

See? Standing up to bullies isn't that hard

Image result for bully exposed

Lots of excitement about Rosemary Barton's smackdown of Chris Alexander tonight.  Well done Ms. Barton.

But the thing is, it isn't that hard or radical.  The Dictator and his lackeys have gotten away for too long bullying the media.  Journalists have a responsibility to do this sort of thing to politicians of every stripe.  They may have held back for a number of reasons but the fact that Ms. Barton decideded to hold Chris Alexander to account before having a glass of wine is a good thing.  Do more and more and more of this.

By all means, pester Harper along these lines too.  And Trudeau.  And Mulclair.  Particularly Mulclair.  If he is to run the country, ask the questions.Recommend this Post