Sunday, April 8, 2012

Never attribute (wholly) to (F35) incompetence that which can be adequately explained by malice

The AG has shown the Harper Regime to be a pack of liars.  The Galloping Beaver has, along with lots of other bloggers, done a great job of unraveling the many ways in which this fiasco came to be.  Now, never let it be said that I take a rear guard position when it comes to pointing out that Harper et al. are dumb, dishonest and unfit for Opposition never mind the government benches.  But I think all of this fine analysis is missing something.

And this something is that I have no doubt that as Harper directed this lie-fest, at the back of his mind he was also thinking that if he could get away with foisting the F-35 on us he could insert a fiscal time bomb into the federal framework.  His tax cuts have been a transparent attempt to reduce the flexibility of future governments to maintain or add social programs.  If he was able to insert this time delayed sclerosis into the financial arteries of the government it would really have messed it up for when sane people take over the reins.

The F-35 is more than an over-priced plane that doesn't serve our needs.  It is another way for Harper to destroy this country.Recommend this Post