Friday, September 18, 2015

Crosby gave Harper a dog whistle

And boy did Harper ever breathe deep and blow.

"Old Stock Canadian".  Did Harper, an experienced campaigner with incredible self control, let slip a glimpse of his bigoted soul with this slur?  Or was it another message to his base?

I believe it is the latter.  They are doubling down.  looking to energize their racist base and get them out to vote.  Despicable ?  Yes.  Predictable Yes?  Can  it be defeated?  Yes.  Progressives need to get out their vote.Recommend this Post


rumleyfips said...

I think he was trying a dog whisle but the rot in his soul turned it into a shout. This is probably the phrase that will last for the rest of the campaign.

Beijing York said...

The media should make Harper where the term as they did with Parizeau's 'pur laine'.