Monday, January 10, 2011

Wherever could Palin and the Republicans have field tested the crosshairs map?

Sarah Palin is, rightfully, getting heaps of grief for the possible inspiration her crosshairs ad provided to the Arizona gunman.

If Palin's electability is finally shredded by this image:

Why did Harper's survive this?

Once againthe judgement of our media makes Colin Campbell look like King Solomon.
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The Rational Number said...

After some consideration, I think the matter in Arizona is simply a crazy man. The fact that he shot a 9 year old girl negates any political gain and belies any political motivation.

I honestly think most of the violent rhetoric is just that - rhetoric, but for a few exceptions.

For example, "Second amendment remedies" isn't a popular euphemism like "target" or "eliminate". That's a new one with specific connotations. It was, in fact, suggested as an alternative to the established democratic process. "Dog whistle words" for violent revolution against the establishment. There's just no way to brush this one aside as rhetoric.

All leadership must stand up and explicitly say aloud that violence is unacceptable. Silence (or worse yet, defence of such language) would be interpreted as tacit acceptance.