Monday, January 17, 2011

It takes a whole country to sew on a swastika

Dave at the Galloping Beaver had the post of 2011 so far. Maybe even all of last year too.

Why don't we just sew a swastika onto the flag now? Go ahead. Read it everyone else has. My only quibble is that the culprits aren't really the media. The fact that ~70% of the electorate remain implaccably opposed to Harper demonstrates that. We can't blame the brain dead Conservative supporters I live amongst here in C-Town.

It is the "Progressives" that oppose him. We are all divided against each other. Not united against Harper. The Liberals who resist fighting. The Dippers who think there is a chance Layton can make the break through and lead us to a socialst utopia. The Bloc supporters who vote for Duceppe to poke a stick in the ROC's eye. And no hope Greeners who think that by helping keep Harper in power they are working for a better environment.

The only way the banality of Harper's form of evil triumphs is if we let it. I could cite lots of examples from history but I think Brian does it best.

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The Mound of Sound said...

"no hope Greeners"? Get real. It's not 70% who oppose Harper, more like 63%. And, of those, there are many who aren't remotely Progressive. That includes many of the Petro-Pols on "our" side of the aisle in the Commons. I'll support the Liberals again the day they restore liberalism, the day they put Canada first. It isn't infighting among Canadian Progressives that is holding back the LPC, it's the goddamned LPC and its drift to the right.

I'm not enabling Stephen Harper to do a damned thing. He gets all the support he needs to exploit incrementalism from two characters - Michael Ignatieff (Mr. "he's on probation") and Jack Layton. Both of those jackasses consistently place their own political fortunes ahead of the country's wellbeing and the voters know it.

Anonymous said...

For a number of reasons, this came to mind.

From Jesus Christ Superstar

Anonymous said...

This is perfect. We - the 'progressives' are too busy finding ways to fight each other rather than a massive and complex common enemy.

Stephen Harper = Roman Dictatorship. Absolutely.

Anyways, I see a tiff emerging about the numbers. 40% of those who chose to vote (about 5.8 million out of 14.7 million) voted for the Cons. However, when compared to the entire population, it's about 15% of the Canadian population.

Like the many other Canadians that are in the 85% - even those too young to vote - I'm concerned that such a small percentage of the population can call themselves a 'majority'.

Tom said...

Anonomous is saying that if every person who voted, voted Conservative, it would not be a mandate since it would not be over 50% of the eligable population.Get real. The Conservatives have their majority because more people voted for them than for any other party.