Thursday, February 18, 2010

How ending a blog prorogation is like getting on a moving merry go round

Every once in a while life conspires to make it difficult to find time to blog.  Something to do with needing time to "recalibrate".  By the time you can raise your head up and think about blogging some more, you are out of practice and say to yourself, "Maybe I'll hop on this story.  Nope.  Next one.  Maybe the next one."  Sort of like when you are a kid preparing to take the leap to get on a merry-go-round your friends have sped up to insane speeds.  It takes a couple of false starts to get it right.

It is the same with some posts I wrote and deleted.  In the meantime I thought I should post something to make sure I remembered the password.

I will leave you with this shallow thought.  Harper's Haiti Hiatus has as much to do with distancing him self from the glitches at the Games as it does with his usual crass political opportunism.  If we don't end up "owning the podium" to a politically acceptable extent, will anyone be surprised when he throws athletes under the bus?  Especially if the Men's Hockey Team disappoints.
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