Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Conservative Party as a malignant organism

Check out the most prominent ads on National Newswatch this morning.  
They are actually the same ad.  Advertizing a petition on the official website of the government party to influence the legislative agenda of that government.  While I recognize that there is supposed to be an arms length relationship between the government and the party, this would be surreal if Harper hadn't already pulled us through the looking glass.

Why would they do this?  They have already announced their intention to scrap the registry.  With a majority there is nothing to stand in their way.  The best reason I can come up with is that they want to squeeze the last $20 they can from each of the anti-gun registry rubes.  Expect anti-Wheat Board ads for the Wheat Board rubes and so it will go.

The Conservative Party has demonstrated a phenomenal strength in its fund raising techniques.  But the means to an end have become an end in itself.  The Party fund raises, not as part of a means to effect a policy goal, but to fund the machine.  It will generate legislation design to ensure the richness of the party rather than the well-being of the nation.  It will wantonly destroy everything in its path without even knowing why.  All that matters is the size of the bank account and paying the Party bureaucracy.  The original purpose of the Party has been forgotten long ago.  The Doomsday Machine becomes an apt metaphor.

This is the most dangerous aspect of this government and it's apparatus.  Now if only we could envisage a way to explode some impulse engines in its gaping maw.Recommend this Post

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Anonymous said...

The anti-gun registry rubes are truly rubes. They haven't read the Conservative platform.

The Liberal long-gun registry is on its way out... but the Conservative long-gun OWNER registry is on its way in. And if in a couple of years they add in a section to list the guns the owner owns... well.

Part of the plan includes "strict monitoring of high-risk individuals". Okay, but how can they know what individuals are high-risk? The only way is by spying on lawful gun owners, acquiring even MORE personal, private information than the Liberal registry ever had.

Maybe the Conservatives won't know precisely how many firearms someone has, thanks to private (non-gun-shop) exchanges, but they'll still have 99% of Canadian firearms owners pinpointed.

They thought they were voting for Reform. They were really voting for Harper.