Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three down. Three to go

Impolitical gets a little excited about three up-coming by-elections.  And suggests that there might be 2 more to come.  At a time of a well deserved drop in support.
Well if the idea of 5 by-elections brightens up a cloudy post-Canada Day day, think about this: This illegitimate Conservative government is based on a majority of 12 seats. (s/t Creekside).  All we need is the 3 confirmed, the 2 Impolitical predicted and 1 more.  Win them and Harper will need to make another trip to the Governor General.

Irresponsible speculation.  It would be irresponsible not to!Recommend this Post


GAB said...

Ah that's wrong. of 308 MPs the Cons have 164, 5 losses would only lower that to 159 Minus the speaker Plus the independand Con who's up on DUI charges. We need more than 5 wins and even those in Oda's and the other retiree's ridings where they got over 50% will be dammed hard to win.


Constant Vigilance said...

Oops. You are right. The error is symptomatic of my eagerness for Harper to go back to working for a right wing Stink tank rasther than bad math skillz.