Thursday, July 9, 2015

Don't Build a Mother Canada Statue. Build 10! 20! 30!

Yes, it is ugly hubristic and just plain wrong.  So, build several across the country.  And the Monument to Victims of Communism while we are at it.  Let the first ones be built as what are essentially Stephen Harper's tributes to himself.  This will allow him to, at least temporarily, assuage the demons that torment him.

Both are ugly and reminiscent of the worst Soviet public art.  Build the rest as a constant reminder to all Canadians that we get the government we deserve.  And that, if we ever again allow an anti-democratic tyrant like Harper to attain office through a divided opposition, low voter turnout, compliant corporate media, and flawed voting systems, the next Supreme Leader will build similar monstrosities to themselves.Recommend this Post

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