Friday, July 24, 2009

Democracy is a fragile thing

Adjusting to the life of a consultant while fitting in some fun over the summer leaves little time for blogging. It seems that Friday mornings provide a bit of time to reflect on political events. But I do find that when I have a chance to sit down at the computer there is one overarching observation that represents the forest comprised of the trees of daily events.

The forest is the ease with which a megalomaniac at the head of the weakest minority government in history has been able to devolve Canada into chaos. The trees are the daily disasters the Calgary Cretins have piled one upon the other so rapidly that it isn't until you step back that you can see the path of destruction. The signs have been recognized along the way. Whether it is reflected in the handling of the Listeriosis inquiry or Chalk River fiasco, the incompetence of this government and the reaction to every event on a political basis has made manifest the erosion of Canada as a viable state. These are just two of the files that have been more than fumbled.

So while another Canadian success story falls prey to Conservative indifference, Steve Jong Il is at Harrington Lake modelling some fake uniforms for the next time he mounts a reviewing stand.
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