Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Insanity is a parallel to Bush I never saw coming.

As the madness of the the Bush years wound down , progressives in the U.S.A. could look forward to the day when 43 would retire to Crawford to cut brush and follow other pastoral pursuits.

Up here in the Great White North, we are witnessing our head of government follow a similar pattern of behaviour which leads one to question his sanity. All we need to get him is a "ranch" and a chain saw. Maybe not the chainsaw. We wouldn't want anyone to get hurt.
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Lizt. said...

Harper is losing it. I have gone through Mulroney, Trudeau, Chretien and Martin and never have I heard anything like this man's ranting and raving. I thought the story of the Host was about to go away..he is desparate for the Catholic vote,, and he should be ashamed of himself, thinking he will get votes like that.

Constant Vigilance said...

It is almost like we are seeing him meltdown before our eyes.