Friday, December 18, 2009

Has the media reached a "Tipping Point" regarding Harper?

As a politically conscious Canadian I could identify the cancerous nature of Stephen Harper from the get-go. I have long despaired that the electorate will ever see through the PMO spin and media bias in favour of the Conservatives and recognize just how antithetical to all things Canadian Harper and his cronies are. You would think that the Isotope Crisis, the Listeriosis Crisis, the Deficit Crisis, the Prorogation Crisis and on and on would, except for the 20% or so of hard core conservatives, lead to a collapse in their support. It will happen eventually. Let us hope it doesn't happen too late.

There is a glimpse of the sun on the horizon as another member of the Rip van Media wakes up and doesn't recognize the "democracy" Canadians left in the care of Harper.

As Malcolm Gladwell laid out in "The Tipping Point", there comes a point in which the "momentum for change becomes unstoppable". It may be that this point will be reached with the electorate when The Fourth Estate reaches it's own Tipping Point. Perhaps, with the Afghan Crisis there is a Stickiness Factor in the malevolent incompetence of the Conservatives. Finally.

Whether they are Connectors, Mavens or Information Specialists is up to debate. But the fact that Riley has joined Travers and Martin in voicing strong concern about the direction of our country there is evidence that the pundits have woken up.

My only request to Ms. Riley et al. is to remember these very worrisome aspects of Harper the next time there is a crisis and the Cons rev up the spin machine. I expect they will be put to the test very early in the new year.
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Anonymous said...

I read Riley's comments today and must say that I was somewhat surprised. Have also read the other 2 articles you mentioned. I've also bookmarked them. Good to read that FINALLY some of the msm are starting to criticize this CRAP party's relentless screwing of our democracy.