Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is there an explanation for the Conservatives apparently working at cross purposes on UN seat?

Is this more Conservative bungling or part of a loopy strategy?
International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan has announced a bid to strengthen the trade relationship with Israel — a move whose timing could affect Canada’s bid to win a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

The 192-member General Assembly votes Tuesday for five new members of the 15-member council — with Canada locked in a close three-way race against Germany and Portugal for two seats reserved for Western powers.

Since Arab and Muslim countries either control or have varying degrees of influence over a majority of the votes in the assembly, Van Loan’s announcement has the potential to lose Canada support in the ballot.

It seems odd that the Conservatives would with all their central control announce this right before the (expected to be) very close U.N. vote. This could ruin our chances. After all, Harper put off a trip to Timmies to make his pitch for the seat. Provoking the Arab Block puts all this at risk.

Why would they do this? Perhaps Steve V shows the reason.
the Conservatives apparently have ads (watched about 10 seconds) in the can, ready to blame Ignatieff and the Liberals, should we fail to secure a United Nations Security Council seat Tuesday. In a normal world, one would be surprised, with this bunch of take no responsbility weasel-like entities, par for the course.
Steve, fair-minded person that he his, puts this down to a damage control contingency plan. I have a far more Machiavellian mind set on this one. Is it possible that the Conservatives are intentionally trying to sink their U.N. bid so they have a reason to run the ads. Is their recent cleaving to the importance of the U.N. really so shallow? Does their antipathy towards the Liberals really run that deep?

Well, duh.
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