Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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"I would bet the mortgage money that the world would like its old Canada back."  Courtesy of Dave from The Galloping Beaver in The Day the world rejected Stephen Harper.  It looks like the Nations truly are United.  They don't like Mr. Angry.

Canada has given the world many gifts.  Insulin.  Anne (This one was actually mostly for Japan).  Peacekeeping.  It is a long list.  Now is the time for one more present that only we can give the world.  We need to defeat Stephen Harper in an election so the rest of the world isn't faced with the unpleasant task of pointing out how much they dislike him.

One fact about democracy is that occasionally jerks get in.  This is usually a result of the grown-ups behaving badly (e.g.: Adscam, Lewinsky).  To punish them the electorate provides an opponent, who would otherwise be unelectable, with a chance at office to punish the miscreants.  That has run its course.  Time for the grown-ups to take over again.
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