Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be careful not to damage your hearing Mr. Simpson.

Your cognitive dissonace is deafening.

I personally find it difficult to comprehend that there is a "base" of people that are still in the thrall of minimum sentences over pot but this seems to be the case.

Among many editorials slamming the omnibus bill to Harperize Canada, the one by Jeffery Simpson stands out. It is a good smackdown of the bill in particular. And Harperism in general with money quotes like this:
The Harper government has this weird contempt for solid evidence. It pops up from time to time when, in the face of expert evidence, the government just barrels ahead in another direction. Recall the government’s abolition of the long-form census, a move opposed by statisticians and groups that rely on the most accurate statistics possible. Recall the government’s insistence after the 2008 recession had begun that no recession was under way. Recall in the matter of criminal justice the parade of judicial spokesmen, lawyers, criminologists and prison experts urging, even imploring, the government to cease and desist.
Couldn't agree more.  But didn't your paper twice strongly endorse Mr. Harper well after this trait was made clear?

Even scarier is Mr. Nicholson’s assurance that “this is not the end; this is just the beginning of our efforts.” He promises that “we’ll introduce other legislation as well.”
Some day, many years and many failures from now, it will fall to some other government to undo these measures.

Mr. Simpson, along with Lawrence Martin et al., have often displayed their cognizance of this destiny under a Conservative government.  How will we get rid of a patently incompetent government if commentators with the gravitas of Messrs. Simpson and Martin have employers who emphatically support Harper?
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Anonymous said...

Agreed but Simpson and Lawrence did not endorse the so-called Conservatives. Their corporate overloads did.