Monday, September 5, 2011

It is a bad strategy to fight a two front war

It is axiomatic in warfare that you should never get involved in a war on two fronts.

A key feature of Harper's strategy since 2006 has been to frame the new Liberal leaders before they had a chance to frame themselves.  These relentless ad campaigns were unprecedented, repellent and, unfortunately, successful.  Only a fool would expect that a similar fate did not await the next Liberal leader.

The incipient NDP leadership campaign adds an additional facet to this.  Now that the Liberals and the NDP will have quasi-contemporaneous campaigns, which new leader will the Conservatives attack?  The Liberal or the NDP?  Or both?  While the latter may appear more likely, how effective will a two front campaign be?  Will spewing that much poison backfire?  How much will it cost?

I have no idea what the answers to these questions are.  And I expect the Conservatives don't either.  But there is a high probability that they won't be able to resist a second front.Recommend this Post

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