Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Amongst the people I have absolutely no sympathy for

are those who say things like this:
I am a Tory, but like many others who cast their ballot the same way I did not vote for the draconian and misguided measures in this regressive legislation.
It is not like the absolute power of the Prime Ministership has corrupted Harper.  His corruption is a part of his very being and he has always had it on display.  People who voted for him expecting him to behave better once he had a majority are fools.  So are media types who are shocked at the continuation of dirty tricks since the election.

And I also have no sympathy for those farmers who voted for the Conservatives because they promised to get rid of the gun registry and are disappointed at the gutting of the Wheat Board.  Listen up fools.  It isn't like their antipathy to the Wheat Board was part of a hidden agenda.

Oh yeah.  And those, Albertans in particular, who have voted Conservative federally and/or provincially and whine about education and health care funding.  You made that bed go lie in it.

This also goes for my fellow citizens who see Harper for the malignant jerk he is and nevertheless stay home on election day.  What makes them think that the same misanthrope who would spread lies about good and decent men, like Dion and Ignatieff, who have accomplished so much more than Harper, would listen to the desires of the majority of Canadians.

But they will repeat the pattern in the future.  And it isn't their fault.  Like the victim who hopes that by being nice, the bully will change his behaviour, these victims of Conservative bullying will vote Tory next time or stay home.  They will complain and reminisce about what Canada used to do.  But they won't recognize their part in it's destruction.Recommend this Post

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Beijing York said...

Sad but true.

I still hold the media in contempt of journalism. They have been nothing more than the PR arm of Harper's conservatives for a very long time.