Monday, January 23, 2012

One thing I don't understand about Harper and his ilk

I get that he is a wee petty man full of hate. I understand that he would benefit more from spending his spare time on a professional's couch then writing a book about hockey (snerk). I recognize that although he is smart enough to be tactically cunning, he isn't intelligent enough to understand the historical background to the structure Canada and the rest of the modern world is built upon. What I can't come to grips with is why he is following his agenda. I could see why George W. Bush favored the rich. He is the scion of wealth and privilege. Harper's father was an accoutant for Imperial Oil. In other words; solidly middle class. But not at the upper end of that demographic. The destruction of the social safety net doesn't benefit those close to him. He will, of course, be richly rewarded by being named to several boards when his work is done. Until those markers are overshadowed by his inability to play with others. But in the end, having destroyed Canada in the services of interests other than those from his own background he will have no reward. The same goes for all of the people railing against taxes while claiming they support expanded Medicare. And on and on. I just don't get it.Recommend this Post


doconnor said...

There are plenty of people who grew up in poorer families that enthusiastic support him and would do the same in his place. The problem is they think that these cuts will help everyone because they assume the (other) people who receive benefits are just lazy and the rich deserve what they got because of their industriousness and the rich will work harder if you give them more (and the poor will work harder if you give them less).

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