Thursday, January 26, 2012

Steady on, Montreal Simon

Montreal Simon draws his bead away from Captain Anti-Canada for a post defending the  honour of the world's greatest poet from a senseless and uncalled for slight..  He does a great job and the fact that the passion for his homeland matches that of his home shines through.

I usually refrain from responding to such attacks since they are usually the manifestation of jealousy.  After all, only one nation could have invented whisky.  But it does seem that to a large segment of the population gratuitous attacks, that would be unthinkable directed at any other ethnic group, are widely accepted.  Such as being "Scotch" is a synonym for cheap.

Perhaps as a middle way, we can ask those who feel the need to expiate their feelings of inadequacy by maligning people of Scottish descent to refrain from doing so on January 25.  When it comes to the rest of the year, fill your boots for all I care.  But have show some respect for Robert Burns and Scotland on this one day.

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Simon said...

hi CV...thanks for this post. I don't enjoy criticizing other progressive bloggers, but I thought Dan's comment was in very poor taste. Scotland may be a very small country, but it has contributed more than its measure...