Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Conclusive evidence that Harper is worried

Harper is besieged on all sides.  Defections.  Senate scandal.  Duffy cheques. He is feeling more heat than ever.

The storyline has always been: "sure you don't like him.  He isn't a nice guy but he brings good government.".  And people lacking critical thinking skills bought it.  Sure once in a while the Party operatives would arrange awkward hand shaking photos ops with his family.  Tie up the NAC for a piano recital to show his human side.  But these were never the big weapons in that public relations arsenal.  Now that times are really, really bad, the Conservative war room has played the ace up it's sleeve.

An "ad-libbed" series of impersonations of past Progressive Conservative and CRAP leaders that just happened to find its way onto YouTube two years after it was recorded by cameras controlled byRecommend this Post


Ruaidhrí said...

You're right. It's time to fish another kitten out of the stew pot and pose with it.

Dana said...

I can't watch Harper do or say anything without endangering my blood pressure.

Though there are 2 exceptions.

I'm willing to watch him writhing in agony and I'm willing to listen to him say "guilty as charged".