Sunday, June 9, 2013

Free investment advice

Chantal Hebert has joined the list of experts squishyly predicting that Harper will not stick at his post until 2015.  I agree with the pundits expecting that the Not So Great Dictator will read the writing on the wall and quit rather than face an election defeat.  But whither Steve after the PMO?

Like most ex-PMs, it is expected that Harper will join several Boards and collect fat director's fee cheques.  I can't dispute that that is likely the case.  Which corporations I don't care to predict.  But regardless of the industrial sector or the particular company, I can make an investment recommendation based on his experience and education.  Short these stocks.  Big. Time.

He has an M.A. in Economics from the fourth rate Calgary School.  He has had one job of consequence in his entire career.  In this position he has been unable to manage a budget. Costs are out of control.  Revenues are down due to poor fiscal choices. He tends to rule by fiat.  His style depends on driving all individuals of talent, intelligence and initiative out of his organization.  He will be unable to get along with peers and they will ridicule him and do nothing to help to disaster he will bring about. He will blatantly keep shareholders in the dark about the future of their investment.

In summary, short sell any company he is involved in.  This free advice is worth what you have paid for it.Recommend this Post


Dana said...

Steevie is in for a big shock if and when he joins these presumptive corporate boards.

If he spouts his nonsense in meetings he will in fairly short order be told that his appointment was made in order to provide him with a living not so that he could actually run anything.

The people actually running these corporations are much, much smarter than Steevie and all of them live in a world he has never inhabited and has no experience in.

He will very quickly and summarily be sidelined if he doesn't toe the line and behave himself.

Brian Busby said...

Which corporations? Onex, surely. After that, any one of a number that belong to the CAPP.

Beijing York said...

Maybe he'll become a faculty member of the Preston Manning Institute and a fellow of the Frontier Policy Centre.

Anonymous said...

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