Saturday, December 20, 2014

Harper leads by example

Harper hides his innate cowardice behind his bullying tactics.  Like all bullies, Harper is, not so deep down, a coward.

Just as his "I can take a punch" line in an earlier interview with Mansbridge (or some other CBC sycophant), is an attempt to deflect attention away from his thin skin, his explanation for his cowardly actions during the Parliament Hill shootings doesn't hold the water Mansbridge is so eager to carry.

As I read the transcript of the interview a post began to percolate.  But alas, Boris at The Galloping Beaver has covered all the points but one here.  With regards Boris' Point 1, if the caucus insisted he hid, why did he have to apologize to his caucus?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper told his hushed caucus Wednesday morning he felt remorse for surreptitiously ducking into a closet during last week's assault on Parliament Hill, CBC News has learned.

Many Conservative MPs were alarmed at the prime minister's sudden disappearance during the terrifying 15 minutes between the moment Michael Zehaf-Bibeau fired the first shot inside the Parliament buildings and when Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers entered their barricaded caucus room to tell them the fusillade outside their door had ended with Zehaf-Bibeau's death.
Perhaps his apology didn't do enough to calm a restive caucus and base.  Perhaps they know, if unwilling to admit, that the man they hate the most gave and excellent example of how a leader acts.

Stephen Harper.  Not A Leader

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the salamander said...

.. careful review of media, news, interviews etc.. plus the CBC tape which recorded almost every shot fired in the Center Block.. reveals many interesting things.

- Harper hid in the closet after the 10 second 'firefight' up the hallway at the Library alcove.. after all he described sharing the experience of hearing a firefight coming toward them

- its likely the gunman was out of ammunition when shot to doll rags by many many shots from RCMP, police & Kevin Vickers.. and that he fired 7 or 8 shots in total, inc 4 at the Cenotaph

- Tony Clement and several other MP's bolted from the caucus room after the 'firefight' yet claim they ran right into it.

- Lots we don't know about the attack.. but fortunately Speaker Scheer is in charge of the investigation and surely will inform us prior to the next election, whenever that is