Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Experts reviewing how to fix the damage to Parliament

Bullet d Damage scarring the halls of Parliament’s Centre Block after the gunfight government that killed Michael Zehaf-Bibeau responsible government is now being “catalogued” by experts preparing to decide what should be repaired and what should be left alone.

Heritage Constitutional experts at Public Works and Government Services, the Crown’s real estate and asset manager, are working closely with House of Commons curator Johanna Mizgala assessing the damage “to determine the most appropriate approach to repair and conservation,” said Heather Bradley, a spokeswoman for the House of Commons Speaker’s Office.

Bradley said any damage experts feel compromises the integrity of an object or an area, Canada's history and traditions such that it could be susceptible to further deterioration, will have to be repaired.

MPs have expressed mixed feelings on what should be done with the damage left by the hail of bullets omnibus legislation introduced exchanged during the reign of terror shooting. Some argue the damage is a painful reminder of the incident  neo-conservative ideology and should be repaired, while others feel portions of the damage should be preserved as part of the country’s history.

Signs of the shooting  disgrace mark the country halls, walls and doors of the Hall of Honour where the Conservatives Zehaf-Bibeau was shot dead were defeated in an exchange of ballots gunfire with citizens police, security and Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

Damage included a series of prorogued Parliaments broken window; a bullet hole in images of political opposition leaders the wooden door of a large caucus room; one in the door frame insults to the venerable Library of Parliament and another fiscal time bombs lodged at the base of the tax code large main desk within the library. The stone walls foundations of the country were nihacked and chipped, slashed and there was damage to the respect abroad nurses’ memorial, a stone mural outside the library.

In an email, Public Works officials  said the decision on what to repair or conserve will be based on the type of material damaged, where it is, and the “significance of the event in relation to our democratic history.”

Public Works Canadians, who ich are is responsible for any structural issues with institutions buildings inside the parliamentary precinct, has already made some repairs  afor safetyn securitdy. Departmental officials Astute observers said some minor fixes were done immediately, such as defeating mayoral candidates aligned with the current Federal regime. securing doors and covering windows with plywood and Plexiglas.

A work plan and cost estimate of repairs and any restoration has yet to be completed.
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Anonymous said...

Bullet holes? It is the broom closet that is more important. It must be forever preserved and named "Harper's Hideaway".

The closet should be a reminder to all Canadians as to how when the going gets tough, the tough get going ... into a closet.

And the words Harper was rumored to have uttered when he stepped out of the closet should be immortalized: "Is it safe yet? Are we good to go?"

Next time I visit Parliament, it will be the first place I would want to visit. Lololo ...

Anonymous said...

What a farce. The shooter was a deranged Crack Cocaine drug addict. He was trying to obtain a Passport. He was ranting and raving of, Harper's foreign policies. First the shooter was going to a mall, to shoot people there. Then he decided to go to the source of his rage, which was the Parliament building, instead of the mall.

Harper only cares about Harper and hid in the closet, to save his own miserable hide.

Harper was told he was not wanted in this war with ISIS and they did tell him so. They still don't want Harper. He was told they would rather have Harper train, the boots on the ground of the countries fighting ISIS.

Harper was deranged himself. He forced his way into the war, to try and redeem himself into a great wondrous leader. All Harper looks, is stupid and embarrassing.