Tuesday, June 11, 2019

!How High Should I Jump, Sir?!

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I couldn't quite put my finger on the weirdness of Senator Batters Bozo eruption last week.  But David Climenhaga puts all 8 fingers, two thumbs and ten toes on it.  Forget stories about Scheer taking orders from Harper.  Harper is just the intermediary.

The new and de-improved Conservatives take their orders from the Republicans.  As did Harper.  As did Day and those before them.

While this is disconcerting, and I say this as someone who despises Trump, the American President was able to carry out his role in the American tragedy.  Will Andrew Who be able to sufficiently emulate Trump in 5 months?  Especially in a Parliamentary system?

The Conservatives tried to ape Republican strategy for a decade under Harper and all it could achieve was a very slim majority.

Let us hope that, as with anytime we try to emulate a trend in the US, it is a pale northern imitation that we get.Recommend this Post

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Anonymous said...

You have nailed it on this one. I started looking US state politics a number of years ago out of curiosity. When I read some of the history of GOP actions I noticed that Canadian conservatives tend to follow them with a lag of 5-10 years though the lag has been decreasing over the past 5 years or so. I am not sure if the lag was in the attempt to follow or due to resistance on the part of Canadians to allow such tomfoolery.