Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to school election and plagarism dynamics

As a parent I know that it has been difficult to focus on the election due to the back to school madness that rules the house every September. Every family with school aged children is in the same boat. This has made it hard to focus on the election even for die-hard political observers. Perhaps this was part of Grand Master Harper's election strategy. Have most of the campaign happen when the voters are just trying to survive and unable to focus on the issues. This is probably the case even for Harper, him being such a family guy and all. Having the election the day after Thanksgiving is probably part of the lay low strategy as well.

It makes me wonder if some of the support given for the Conservatives is just people saying " Um sure, I'll vote for sweater guy and now can I leave to get Suzy off to her dance lessons" to get through the pollsters questions quicker and meanwhile are saying to themselves "I'll figure out my real vote closer to election day".

Maybe the Liberals realized this and this is part of the reason for the slow start and attempt to peak in October.

Perhaps the plan behind pointing out the similarities between the Harper/Howard speech is to bring this up at a time when the Conservative war room can't reply because Harper is more or less incommunicado while in debate prep and to get Harper riled before the debates. Even a little bit of a Harper meltdown will help crystallize the votes for a lot of the vote parkers.

If the Liberals pull out a win this will be seen as a turning point and everyone will be talking about how smart their stratagy was.

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