Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stephen Harper is a toom tabard

This is a family rated blog. Toom tabard is not a dirty phrase. It is a very Scots description of Stephen Harper.

The first time I heard reports that one piece of evidence that Stephen Harper is an ordinary Canadian, is that he is writing a book on the history on hockey it didn't ring true.

Now that I have started a blog, I added this to my list of topics when I read a troll commenting that' Harper is a real Canadian because he is writing a book on hockey.'

I would like to quote from what is probably the best book ever written on hockey by someone who knows of what he speaks:
"And though some things take longer, other less central do not. Want to be known as an antique collector? Collect an antique. A theatre goer? Go. Once is enough. Tell a journalist, sound enthusiastic....... Then stand back and watch what happens. Clipped and filed around the league, it spreads like a chain letter, to other journalists without time to check it out and presto, it is part of your (authorized) bio. And your image."
The Game, Page 162, paragraph 2.

When the news broke, about the Howard/Harper speech I grabbed the book off my shelf and started typing.

Nothing about Harper is real. His speeches, his interests, his entire persona is an artifice designed to allow him his majority. That passage may have referred to a pretentious hockey player but it was very prescient about his current foe.

Perhaps he is better described as the Manchurian Prime Minister. That would explain why all the Conbots keep referring to him as "the best, most perfect Prime Minister ever etc. etc. etc."

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