Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arts elties blogging Part Deux

Bon Cop Bad Cop is one of the funniest movies I have seen in years and it is proudly and unreservedly Canadian. And I know of people all over the world who love it even if they have to ask for explanations of some of the references to things we take for granted.

This part gets to the core of interaction between the solitudes. Even while beating up a suspect they are discussing how to improve their french. And LuLu apologizes because he makes it more difficult for them to stuff him in a trunk.

And this is my favourite part over all. Jeff is a great character.

Stephen Harper wouldn't know an ordinary Canadian is he kicked him in the teeth by unnecessarily fomenting Quebec nationalism by recognizing Quebec as a nation just to try to win a majority.

I had initially thought I would post on my favourite albums (Monday Music) , movies (Friday movies) etc. as a series but after Harper's arts wedgie came out, I decided to post on ones which show how good a job arts funding is doing in representing Canada to the world until the end of the election.Recommend this Post

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