Thursday, October 2, 2008

Looks bad on Harper either way

This is one of a series of posts that Dave at The Galloping Beaver has been running based on Harpers professed dislike of The Beatles. When Harper made the comment I thought this was a bizarre manifestation of his religious beliefs. It is hard to believe that we are the same age. It makes him look extremely goofy to say he hates The Beatles. Some people may dislike them but to hold The Beatles up as a dangerous influence on youth? Was this for real? Does his religious sect still harbour a grudge for Lennon's bigger than God comment?

But as his existence as a Toom Tabard has come more and more to light, this expressed antipathy to all things Beatle has to be considered in a new light. Perhaps the Conservatives mighty database has identified a cluster of voters in a swing riding who belong to a Beatle hating cult. Maybe the data analysis has indicated that this is their only issue. The Beatle hatred might reflect a play for these votes.

If the database has identified such a group, a bit of sober second thought might lead a sane person to question the work of the database. Garbage In, Garbage Out and all that. But then we know what he thinks of people exercising "sober second thought"

Take your pick. Either he is a religious loony or an empty coat who is willing to robotically mouth whatever asinine talking points a computer spits out.

Neither one is worthy to be Prime Minister.Recommend this Post

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