Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A quasi parelllel between Canadian/US Electoral maps

It has been widely noticed that the "Rovian" tactics used to get Bush close enough so that the last two elections could be stolen have resulted in an U.S. electoral map that has the Democrats holding the seats in the states along the coasts (except for the southeast coast) and the Republicans holding the "Flyover" states. The resulting pattern is commonly referred to as Jesusland.

We should guard against scoffing at the Americans. Regardless which party wins our election, most of the forecasts I have read predict we will have our own version of Jesusland. The Liberals would have bases in Atlantic Canada, the St. Lawrence and Montreal, Toronto and the suburbs and the Lower Mainland. The Conservatives will hold the ones between.

The NDP, Bloc' and the Greens do not alter this map. They only serve to hold the balance of power. They can deny the either Liberals or the Conservatives a victory. They will never hold power. the best they can hope for is to wield the balance of power in a minority government.Recommend this Post

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