Friday, October 24, 2008

Enhance the vote

Enough whining about the Conservative tactics. What can the opposition do to change the pattern? It is in the common interest of all of the opposition parties to remove the vote suppression arrows for the Conservative quiver.

  1. Bring the government down at a time of their choosing. Don't let Harper have the election at a time designed to keep people away from the polls. He doesn't react well to being put off balance. There will be plenty of opportunities. Harper and the rest of his coterie have long been stroking the fantasy of enacting "transformative change" like Gollum polished the Ring in the Misty Mountains. The temptation to slip it on and grasp for power beyond their right and competence will be impossible to resist.
  2. Turn up the heat on Harper so he has to take off the vest. With Dion we saw a much better campaigner when he dropped the teleprompter. With Toom Tabard, it is when he goes off script that thing go south.
  3. Work as a coalition to bring about private members bills to:
  • Limit pre-writ political advertising
  • Extend the minimum length of the campaign. The longer the campaign, the less the Conservatives can get by with saying nothing. The longer they have to keep the lid on the loony bin
  • Rescind voter identification regulations
  • Restrict the publishing of polls during the campaign
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