Friday, October 24, 2008

Unite the centre!

There have been many stories expanding on themes that the Liberals need to unite the left or move to the right to start down the road to renewal and a return to power.

This has to stop. The Liberals became the Natural Governing Party by giving Canadians the government that is appropriate for the times. Not by following a dogmatic pathway. This may have left them open to charges of campaigning on the left (or right) and governing on the right (or left) but, as the dominant entity on the political scene they have built the best country in the world. This naturally implies being a CENTRE-left party as that reflects the nature of Canadians. The Progressive Conservative interregnums were given to a CENTRE-right party.

Any thoughts the NDP might entertain that Canadians can be convinced to move to the far left ground they occupy are as laughable as Harper's comments that Canadians are becoming more conservative. The recent NDP growth in seat count has been due to Jack Layton slicing away at the Liberal flanks like a cook making a donair. Unfortunately for Mr. Laytonk, his ideological pita isn't big enough to accomodate the entire spit of the Canadian political centre without jettisoning what remains of the NDP's principles. The Canadian people in their wisdom won't trust the Conservatives with anything sharp so they must rely on vote supprersion to try and sneak in the back door. (how can you tell I am typing this over the lunch hour).

The point being is that it is time for anyone in an official capacity with the Liberal Party make clear that Liberals will do whatever is best for Canada. They will not follow some ideological dictate of the media. The first step to re-instill the pride people had in voting Liberal is to be proud to be Liberal.Recommend this Post

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