Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stephen Harper has a plan

This is the exception to the Toom Tabard rule. He has a plan but he really really doesn't want you to know what it is.

  • To start to recognize his plan, he have to realize that Mr. Ordinary was indoctrinated in the "Calgary School of Political Science". This embarrassment to Calgarians also worships at the altar of Milton Friedman
  • Then if you take the point of Naomi Klein's thesis in "The Shock Doctrine"; that the acolytes of Milton Friedman believe that a shock to the system is needed to force a people to accept the changes to their political and economic system necessary to allow their anti-democratic fantasies to take place.
  • The first steps to this were taken in the budgets brought down by the Conservative government. The thinking from the outset was force the government into deficit so that Canadians can be nudged into accepting deep cuts to the social safety net and Canadian institutions.
  • As this crisis started to unfold, Harper saw a chance to hit a home run. If he could hold on for a win, he would have the shock needed to real gore the federal ox. This explains his tepid comments on the economy. Hope everyone sleeps through a vote and take his ideological measures later when everyone is in shock.
Of course he is nuts to think this way but that is our Steve.

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