Friday, October 10, 2008

What the Dion tape really speaks to

Let us piece together the events of this tempest in an election pot.

  1. A journalist asks a question that was so convoluted and ambiguous that the journalist looks like a buffoon for phrasing it that way. Or, more likely perhaps, he was fed this from someone else with the intention of making Dion look like he has trouble understanding English.
  2. Dion asks for clarification under the expressed agreement that the common understanding that such do-overs are allowed is in effect.
  3. The journalist and Mike Duffy break all sorts of ethic rules by playing this up
  4. Harper has his one and only open scrum of the campaign at which he just happens to have a TV handy
What this means:
  1. The CTV is actively taking part in the Conservative campaign and
  2. Harper is scared.
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