Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A corollary to "What I believe" by The Viscount LaCarte

This in a lot of ways says it all for me.

But since this was written by an American there are a couple of points that must be added to make it more accurately reflect what I believe.

I believe that in the Canada I want to see healthcare preserved as a right not a privilege. I believe that it is a more efficient way to provide this service than a private system. Maintaining this service helps make Canadians more productive and aids in the development of a better society since people don't have to worry about how to pay their medical bills. Advocates for private healthcare are interested in looking for profit. Let them look for profits somewhere else. There will be pressures on the public system by an aging population and improving medical technology. We will need to increase the health transfers to the provinces and the healthcare portions of the respective provincial budgets to pay for this.

I believe in public education. Canada has a long tradition of supporting public education as a defining characteristic. This has been an impetus to development of our country. How can we expect children from lower income families to more effectively contribute to society if all of the education advantages are reserved for the wealthy. The recent withdrawals from tradition this must be reversed. I was able to pay my own way for an education from an excellent university. My children deserve no less of an opportunity.

I believe that Canada has only recently left the world stage. The extent to which Canada has contributed in a meaningful way to peace, prosperity and global security has occurred by example not force. If the need arises for a full commitment to battle a physical threat to Canadian security this must be met. The Canadian tradition of diplomacy and peacekeeping is the best way to obviate this circumstance. In particular, support for our armed forces is not expressed by using them as props in an attempt to further a politician's career or a salve to his/her insecurities. With respect to our international obligations, I believe that Canada can only ever lead by example. But a Canada that sets a strong sincere example carries a lot of weight in the world. We may only contribute 3% (Whatever the value is. It doesn't matter) to global GHGs. If we have not taken serious steps to reduce our contribution we cannot expect to convince other to do their part.

I believe that there are no free rides. I accept that citizens in the country south of us pay less tax than I do. I accept that as a higher wage earner, I pay more tax than people who earn significantly less than I do. I look at this as payment for the healthcare and educational opportunities I have been provided as a citizen of the best country on earth. I accepted the cheap education and healthcare. I need to pay the country back. I believe that each citizen must be encouraged to question how our governments are run and ensure we receive value for the additional tax we pay. I believe that as a citizen of this great country it is my responsibility to maintain my health to the best of my ability to lessen the expectation of care from the healthcare system.

I believe that we do a lot of things right in Canada and we need to fix that which we do wrong. This is a better country than the one my parents emigrated to. I have a responsibility to help make it a better country for my children to inherit. I have a responsibility to stand up to those people who would take this away from them.Recommend this Post


Halden said...

Excellent expansion of the origianl posters ideas. Nice to read "I believe in" followed by Canada on the internet ;)

Constant Vigilance said...

Thank you.

I started this blog because I needed an outlet to say I love Canada and want it to still be recognizable for my kids.