Sunday, October 19, 2008

My first Follower and first ProgBlog post

The primary reason that I started blogging was to save my wife from having to put up with my frustration with Mr. Ordinary, our political process, media bias and other more fun things. So far that has worked. It has been a good venting process. Since I started the blog, I think the only times the election came up were initiated by her. (Did a CTV interviewer write that last sentence?)

I had a feeling that I was shouting out into a void so after a month I decided to request an affiliation with the Progressive Bloggers website. Lo and behold, before this came through I noticed that I had a Follower. I was amazed that someone had found my blog in the rapidly expanding universe of the blogotopia (I believe Skippy coined that phrase). It reaffirmed my belief that the internet can be a platform to advance progressive ideas across this amazing country. I am also honoured that someone found my keyboard plunking worthy of following.

It makes me aware that I must do my best to live up to such faith. As a first step in repaying this honour, I dedicate this first post to QueenBean and have reciprocated by adding Point Being to my blog list.Recommend this Post

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