Friday, October 17, 2008

Suppress the vote!

Dana at The Galloping Beaver had a post about this as well. As a commenter to that post pointed out it may have a connection to the sign vandalism and brake line cutting.

The voter id issue might very well have ties to trying to get non-motivated citizens to give up in frustration. Their were reports of it being very difficult for students to vote. Guess which way students are likely to vote.

The veiled voter canard makes more sense as a bid to scare minority voters away than an attempt to maintain the integrity of the voting system.

The Conservative attempts to court the ethnic vote were risible to such an extent that may too have been a vote suppression tactic. Even Jason Kenney isn't that thick.

Harper screaming about the Green Shift being an attempt to "Screw Everybody" wasn't going to win him many votes but it energizes his core support and keeps Liberal voters away. Red meat to the base as it were.

As the coup de grace' for the last two elections, there has been a Canadian equivalent of an October Surprise. The goal was not to turn people to the Conservatives but rather get them to stay home.

Despite the right leaning tilt of our media, Canadians have been steadfast in trying to hold on to the progressive Canadian identity. Harper knows this so he isn't trying to convince us with his ideas. Even most Albertans would be repelled by his true goals. Sometimes when you can decipher some of his non-sequiturs, such as "Canadian society is moving to the right", in this light they start to make sense.

We had a good policy this last time. Yeah for us. There was vote splitting true. But to win the Liberals need to energize voters to come out. Pulling Frank McKenna or John Manley out of the Boardroom won't accomplish that.

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