Thursday, October 9, 2008

An inflection point in Canadian politics

With the closest election in Canadian history being decided over the weekend before voting day there is a lot of talk about different coalitions that could form the next government. While this could be seen as a sign that Canada mythic political stability is being threatened, an optimist could see this as the end of the fragmentation of the body politic in Canada.

Whether it is the birth of Reform leading to the death of the Progressive Conservatives and the eventual rebirth as the Conservatives, the cleaving of the Bloc from the Conservatives or the splitting of the left between the Liberals/NDP/Bloc/Green parties, things may have to play themselves out before they can coalesce into the main two competing ideological views in Canada. The need for the left to come together might lead some realistic NDP supporters to mov to the Liberals and ensure that it nudge it to the true centre left and the NDP can then revert to its ideologically pure 10% support.

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