Saturday, October 11, 2008

The essential difference between the NDP and the COnservatives

There isn't one.

I have been noticing during a few drives around Calgary that the NDP has almost as many signs with Jack Layton as the sole name on it as there are candidates name bearing signs. This along with the "A New Kind of Strong" logo and the dismissive platform of 70's retread policies show that the NDP is running the same kind of campaign as Harper.

Ignore real issues. Don't debate the basics of climate change since they know Dion has the best one.

Focus on "Leadership". Because they believe this is the one aspect at which they could best Dion down. Jack Layton's ego convinced him that he would be the key to growing the NDP vote.

The NDP no longer cares about policy and representing working families. It is all about maintaining the organization and reaching for power.Recommend this Post

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