Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is Harper whistling to his dogs?

While I don't subscribe to the Harper is a genius theme I think he does have a reason for everything he does.

So why did he contrive a reason to ridicule Dion's English. Anyone could predict that this could lose him all of his seats in Quebec. Possibly any francophone dominated seats in the ROC as well.

Perhaps he realized that Quebec is lost to him and he needs to try and save his government by getting as many seats out west as he can.

The concept of dog whistle politics by the Republicans is reasonably well understood. They make statements that seem like non-sequitors but are messages to their base. The most famous example was the reference to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision by Bush in the 2004 debates.

He might be hoping that he can motivate enough votes in the west to squeeze out a few NDP seats.

If I'm right we might see a new Prime Minister on Tuesday. But I am an optimist.Recommend this Post

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