Thursday, October 2, 2008

Arts Elites blogging - see your dog runaway episode

I don't watch much TV but one show I would go out of my way to watch is Corner Gas. When we first watched it on DVD I thought my eldest was going to hurt herself she was laughing so hard.

Our favourite episode is The Tax Man. How many countries other than Canada can put a line like "Aren't Prepositions fun?" into a sitcom and make it work?

Has anyone pointed out to Mr. Ordinary that this show makes use of various culture grants? I expect the economic multiplier came into force with this show big time.

As an aside, the hill where we ski is staffed by people from all over the world. One reason this show has been sold to so many countries is that DVDs of the show have been passed around when the lifties get back home. CanCon goes viral on a worldwide basis.

Stephen Harper wouldn't know an ordinary Canadian if he pushed her out of the way to photocopy a speech sent to him from neo-con central.Recommend this Post

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