Thursday, October 2, 2008

Inaugural Blue Sweater Vest Of The Day Award

Wanker is a term used for someone who is a useless tool. Atrios names a "Wanker of the Day" for the person who makes the worst contribution to the U. S. national discourse. In Canada nothing represents the notion of a wanker quite like Stephen Harper. So I have decided to recognize Canada's wanker of the day with The Blue Sweater Vest Of The Day Award.

And the inaugural winner is: Andrew Coyne. Steve V at Far And Wide has an excellent post deconstructing Coyne's defence of Harper's plagiarism of a speech by then Australian PM John Howard. Coyne would have been under consideration just for this obvious attempt to carry Harper's water.

But Steve V actually took it easy on Coyne by not pointing out an idiocy in Coyne's last paragraph.

To wit:
Looking at the speech he delivered, I’m just upset at being reminded how far he’s fallen since then. The Harper of 2003 supported a just war, and Canadian participation in it, forthrightly and without apology or equivocation — even if it was somebody else’s words. I’ve no idea how the Harper of 2008 would respond.

(Added emphasis)
Is he for real? I can't believe that anyone who works as a journalist can write that after the premise for the war has been shown to be contrived excuses for the conquest of an oil producing state. Even worse for Coyne, Harper has admitted that the war was wrong.

For this, Coyne has won the debate on who wins hands down.

Besides winning the first BSVOTDA Mr. Coyne also puts another nail into the coffin of the liberal media bias excuse. Of course that coffin is more nails than wood now isn't it?
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