Monday, October 20, 2008

Something I realized on my bike ride home

Mr. Dion has approximately 8 months or 32 weeks remaining as Leader. He became Leader in December 2006, around 22 months ago.

So he just extended his Leadership by a third with little fuss. He has cut the anonymous insiders out of the loop. I expect that they will have less traction with Jane Taber, Mike Duffy et al. now. The leaders in waiting will have to focus on their campaigns and have to weigh their reactions to challenges to Harper's government carefully. They can't be seen to be supporting him.

And Harper will present lots of missing scales in his dragon skin to shove a spear into. He has already backed down on his deficit policy. There will be lots of other ones. He thinks he can govern as if he has a majority. This will lead to straining at his leash.

Dion has nothing to lose by saying to himself every morning when he looks in the mirror: "Hit Harper Hard".

Think I'm wrong? Guilty of wishful thinking perhaps?

What were the Liberals in the midst of when Joe Clark's government fell? Who took them on to a win? Who will they look to if Canadians start to realize they were wrong about Dion and right about Harper?

Harold MacMillan said that "A week is a long time in politics". Mr. Dion just bought himself 3.5 cats worth of life. As Lawrence Martin put it: "Mr. Dion has shown himself to be a serial defiler of the odds. He has shredded them no less than four times."

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Anonymous said...

Of course this could also backfire and his stubborn refusal to accept reality could give Harper a majority.