Saturday, July 17, 2010

Icons of the struggle against oppression from around the world - Re-release

This Star article caught my attention like the assault of a soap bubble bursting in my eye.
He's now known as “Officer Bubbles.”
Const. Adam Josephs has gained considerable notoriety after being caught on tape threatening to arrest a G20 protester for blowing bubbles.

The G20 bubbles incident has also spurred a YouTube cartoon, called “Officer Bubbles.”

In it, a beefed-up police officer in sunglasses threatens to arrest a woman for dancing in the streets. The video ends with a joke that the next episode will feature Officer Bubbles shooting a kitten stuck in a tree.

Meanwhile, it's BYOB at Queen's Park Saturday — that is, bring your own bubbles.

A few hundred protesters are expected to blow bubbles en masse at noon to show support for a public inquiry into police actions during the G20.

Winkels hopes to attend.

In a shameless act of self-aggrandizement and celebration of this definitively Canadian way of non-violent protest I have re-ported this from earlier in the week. Join in. Change your Twitter background to bubbles!

Every struggle for freedom is on the road to victory when an iconic image develops that encapsulates the struggle.

Sometimes it is a person and a single act that they undertook. Such as Rosa Parks.
Of course there are the unknown heroes.
Lately there have been inspiring clothing colours.

But this is Canada. Home of the most feared players in the toughest sport on Earth. Descendants of the victors at Vimy. In short the toughest people on the planet (according to Grapes)

And this is our icon.
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Jymn Parrett said...

How long before Rethink Toronto billboards, with pictures of cops beating peaceniks, pop up in States?