Monday, July 12, 2010

Some freedoms aren't as fundamental as others

On reflection, it is amazing how smoothly the transition from an open democratic society that respects free speech to an authoritarian dictatorship has happened. I hope they don't wake up the kids when they come in the middle of the night to carry me away.

Think I am being a bit over the top? Think about this (MEIB):

Montreal-based activist Jaggi Singh has been released on bail after agreeing to refrain from protests until his charges from last month’s G20 summit are dealt with in the courts.

“I personally find the no-protest and no-organizing (protests) conditions to be humiliating,” Singh said Monday evening after being freed on $75,000 surety and $10,000 bail. “It's so patently unconstitutional.”

He faces charges of criminal conspiracy, mischief, obstructing police and obstructing justice.

Singh is allowed to return to his home in Montreal, but must refrain from using cellphones.

Singh turned himself in to police on July 6. He is due back in court July 23 for a pre-trial scheduling hearing.

So much for free speech. (S/T to AZ from twitter)

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