Friday, July 16, 2010

What to do. What to do. Jets or healthcare.

Spend $16 Billion on fighter jets. Or fund the most popular program evah. As Jeffery Simpson points out the jet purchase stinks from a military standpoint. Why would a government obsessed with cuts make such a foolish decision. Could it be that there are much better opportunities for graft from military purchases?Recommend this Post

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ThinkingManNeil said...

Because Steve-O has a lifetime supply of G.I. Joe underoos and he just doesn't feel manly enough if he isn't thumping his flabby little chest and playing soldier/Great Leader. That and it's a great way to starve/kill off the poor here at home while he fellates DND HQ, the Pentagon, and the various Death Merchants at home and abroad.

Stephen Harper. How I hate him and all those of his ilk.