Sunday, June 6, 2010

Harper’s Message Event Proposals reveal ‘hyper-extreme’ political control

While an interesting piece with some new details about the process there is not really too much surprising here. It would only be a surprise to the Albertosaurus conservatii and it's relatives. It does lead to two thoughts.

There is a thesis waiting to be written on the similarities between the message control of the Harperclones and Stalin era propaganda efforts (MEIB).

An MP’s Sunday afternoon visit to a seniors’ home. The federal purchase of powerful new military aircraft. A journalism student’s innocuous query about Africa.

One thing connects them all — the Conservative government scripted each event using a potent but little-known communication tool called the Message Event Proposal....

An MEP template typically includes the following subtitles: Event, Event type, Desired headline, Key messages, Media lines, Strategic objectives, Desired soundbite, Ideal speaking backdrop, Ideal event photograph, Tone, Attire, Rollout materials, Background, and Strategic considerations.

Bit by bit, MEP by MEP, Harper is changing Canada into Oceania. One day we will look back on 2010 and see this as one of the last chances to have stopped him. Then all we will have left is trying to stay out of Room 101.

The other notion is that if the Conservatives applied this type of rigorous thinking and planning to actually running the country they might not be doing such a bad job of it.

Don't get too excited Harpo. I said might.

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1 comment:

ck said...

You hit the nail on the head there! That is exactly why Steve owns the center now and a center that is shifting to the right. It is indeed because of the message.

A very powerful thing media.

One recent example were the 9/12 tea-bagger hit parade; the Glenn Beck extravaganza. I saw various videos of journalists and reporters asking various tea-baggers questions. Many of them said in such panic stricken tones, that "they're being taxed like crazy!" "or they're taxes went up", when in reality, at that time when this shindig was being held, Obama didn't raise taxes, in fact, some even had their taxes lowered.

Remember the media used to say that Steve's evangelical buddies were scary and the voters agreed with that. Then, most news outlets endorsed the Harper campaign in 2006 and again in 2008. They convinced the public he wasn't that scary that he would be just like a small c conservative; like the old progressive conservatives and nothing more.

All the while, Steve practices slow frog cooking politics. Little by little, he implements more and more GW Bush policies and bills that he's always dreamed of.

Now, Marci McDonald comes out with her book at the same time Steve cuts funding to all those women's groups and we see favourites like Lorrie Goldstein telling Canadians that social conservatism is good and social justice is very very bad. Again, since Jane and Joe who hang out at Timmy's refuse to think for themselves and are content to swallow that Harpercon kool-aid, they embrace it.

Of course, it becomes easier when media releases statsCan figures saying that in 2031, white people will be the minority. That makes a lot of folks antsy and would want to stop the trend. How do they do that? Well, criminalize abortions that's how.

At that last pro-life rally, that guy said that "we need each everyone of those babies if our society is to survive".

It's why I'm slowly giving up and have started slowly looking into possibilities for my husband and myself to move overseas.

Honestly, an election is coming this fall and the only that can save us from a Harpercon majority is not a coalition but a brand new Liberal leader (not Bob Rae).